Перевод песни Houston – She Is

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you are my love
Check it out...
yeah babyy
whoaa (uh-huh)
baby only you can touch my soul
to feel a feeling that words
cannot express
lost in the deepness
of love like heaven
she is the moon
the stars
the light the dark
i see
when she is here
she is the air i breathe
the one i need
in order to proceed
she is the wind that blows
my heart it beats
in her body
you know
she is the moon
the stars
the light the dark
i see
When she is with me...
my love, feel me emotions making
love you, got to let yourself go lose all control
look into your eyes (love)
make sure you're all right
tears cry, likewise
girl i live for you,
I'd be there for you
i would die for you
I'll fight for you
don't wanna lose you
'cause my love is true (baby)
girl you don't know what you mean to me this is where you oughtta be i wanna love you
hold you
kiss you
miss you... (no, no. whoaaa)
(Chorus 2x)
I'm yours
baby girl
yea, yea
she is.