Перевод песни Houston – Didn't Give A Damn Interlude

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
-Did you call the doctor?
-The doctor is on his way
-Let's take her up to the second floor
-Doctor, doctor the patient is this way
-Have you had her blood pressure?
is everything normal?
-Yes everything is normal
-Now does she have a hypoderm?
-No she doesn't doctor
-Ok let's go get me a clean
The baby head is almost out, come on folks let's go
-Please Help me
-Come let's go push Mrs Summers you have to push,
come on you have to push the baby head is almost out let's go
-Oh wow look at the beautiful baby,
it's a boy
What's his name?
-Houston's his name
-Where's the daddy?
-Don't worry about the Daddy, he didn't give a damn
19 years later