Перевод песни Wilson Phillips – Next to You (Someday I'll Be)

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Montague and Capulet
Whispered through the wall
Words that they could not forget
After all
Thoughts across this violet sky
Letters to the moon I write oh Is our love impossible?
Tell me why
Is it wrong for us Oh to love so much
Keep the candle burning (Ooh ee ooh …)
Someday I’ll be next to you
As long as this world’s turning
One day I’ll be next to you
Keep the candle burning (Someday I’ll be, someday I’ll be)
Someday I’ll be next to you
Maybe if I held my ground
Or stood up to authority oh Then our love would not be bound
We’d be free
Is it wrong for us Oh to feel so much?
Someday love will carry us To a place that’s made for us Ooh ee ooh …
And ooh someday.
Someday I’ll be… Someday I’ll be