Перевод песни Jin – Here Now

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Look I'm not a gimmick it's not a rapper I'm tryin' to mimic
My life move about a mile a minute make the best of it while I'm in it Talk shit I'll never get offended I'm so pushin' to the limit
I can shake off 20 haters — ignore 'em and handle my business
Highly hood got my name cement in A treat to every rapper in the game or that seven up in it
5″ 6, but I stand tall
Built for war, sort of like Great Wall of China
Hear my footsteps like Yao Ming's behind'cha
Don't remind me, do whatever to you, fly back and there'd be Hell on earth for you to find me They say we all look alike, cook alike
But they ain't know that we all crooks alike
I changed the game when I took the mic
In freestyle what it took for you to write
I am here now say what you want
I know I got something you want
I am here now think what you want
This is my life let's get it on It's like the curse bein' successful
The more progress the more stressful
Don't ask about heart, I got a chest full
Throw into a cesspool of sex juice
So my next move is to elevate for the best view
I got a few things to confess too
They say I'm famous, I don't feel special
Plucked from a few to be placed on a pedal stool
Only to be ridiculed and find out they wanna get rid of you
Once you in a pinnacle they try to limit you
From the start of your career until when they finish you
That's why in interviews I keep my shit in minimal
And if I do say somethin' is a subliminal
Is it because I'm signed with killers and criminals?
It's pitiful; this rap game is too political
But fuck it, I ain't got shit else to do
Y'all, y'all
You ain't gotta give me my respect, I'mma take it You gotta punch me in tonight, I'mma lay it You gotta loan me no money, I'mma make it And I'll do anythin' that I can get away with
I say what I want, take it how you take it Media hype that I've created has enhanced my hatred
I came from the basement, rolls among the stars like a space ship
Face it, there is no replacement
Time you spent lookin' for the one is time wasted
I'm too defined, my design you can't trace it So, give it up I ain't bitter but
I'm sick enough to take my contract and rip it up Plus my friends say I'm forgettin' stuff
Is it cause I failed to get in touched while I'm out rappin, travelin'
Gettin' bucks
And my hearts in my Miami indeed
Oh I ain't forget, I just got my family to feed