Перевод песни Jin – Senorita

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I'm goin to Miami, I'm goin to the fair
To see a senorita, with flowers in her hair
Aww shake it senorita, shake it if you can
Show all the boys around the block you're doin your damn thang
Wait a minute wait a minute this is how it started
Senorita caught my eye, she shake it the hardest
Yeah she knows that I'm an artist, but that's regardless
Situation elevatin I'm anticipatin
Body got me mesmerized I ain't tell no lies
You better tell those guys, you belong to me
I followed you, danced wit' 'chu, bounced wit' 'chu shaked wit' 'chu girl
I'm lovin' you, hatin' you where would you ??? girl
We can do anything under the moonlight
You in the mood right I'm in the mood too
Now shake it shake it, keep doin' what you gotta do
I know a lot of J-Lo's, but they ain't fly as you
We in the M-I M-I, mami am I am I
As cool as a 745 or Ocean Drive
Is that your senorita? Do you really please her
Give her to me, I'll make her hotter than a fever
Talk to me ma, is it the palm trees
Blue water while we fallin off our jet-skis
Back to the hood, we can get nice together now
Take her to bed afterward whatever
You know I'm number one, you bangin like the drums
Listen to the ocean while we chill under the sun
As tastefully, basically it
I came to Miami just to see you shake your shhhh
I'm sweatin it's hot, it's damn near three o'clock
Tell the DJ play the record let the needle drop
Mami give me look mami you can be on top now
Slow, your, roll is where we go
No, one, knows I'm gettin dropped
I paint a picture, I'm layin wit' 'cha
I came to caress your soul, I ain't playin wit' 'cha
I'll take an itty bitty piece of your mind wit' me
You runnin' through mine, like Diddy did the whole city
I'm flyin' through the clouds, you soarin' through the air
To see my senorita, she's waitin' at the fair