Перевод песни David Holmes – The Drive To Ripley's

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So what’s up, man? Why y’all in Detroit anyway, up here in the cold?
Glenn didn’t tell you?
Glenn, what?
I thought you guys were busted
Why’s that? 'Cause you left us standing on the side of the road? Whoops.
Look, Snoop, I don’t know what Glenn promised you or what you think you’re
gonna get out of this. Here’s the deal. A buddy and I, we’re gonna take half of
anything we get off of Ripley. Anything else, you guys are allowed to cut up
any way you want
Aw. Why don’t we talk about this outside, man?
Nice in here. It’s warm
Warm? Shit, it’s 90 degrees in here, man. Sometimes it’s 100 up in this mutha.
That’s the way Emanuel would like to keep his fighters, mean and lean like
Tommy Hearns. Ain’t that the record? I got someplace to be anyway,
so tell you what? Why don’t you come by the fights Friday night?
We can sit down, chop it up over a steak dinner
See you then