Перевод песни Amanda Perez – The Call (Skit/Interlude)

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You walked into my life, when I was down and out.
Took away my pain and gave me your smile.
And at the time, still lovin someone else.
Not knowin'all those crazy reasons why I felt the way I felt.
And then one day, I realized.
That you were the one for me I was so blind. But baby now I see
And I'll never let you go, no, no, no I love you so And I'll get on both my knees and I'll beg you please
Would you spend the rest of your life with me?
Cause I never, babe
Wanna let you go No, I'll never, babe
no, no, no, no, no, no, no I wish that I could turn back the hands of time
Cause if I would've knew your love was like this.
Back then I would've made you mine, oh yeah.
If I had to die a thousand times a day,
I would do it for you just to take
The pain that I have given you away.
Cause I love you and I never want to let you go Chorus
I'm sorry (oh yes i am)
I'm sorry (I'm so sorry baby)
Chorus 2x
Oooooooooooo Ooooooooooo