Перевод песни Guerilla Black – Guerilla City

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Ladies and gentleman
I'd like to introduce myself
I'm Guerilla Black
And I'd like to take y'all for a walk through my place called Guerilla City
A.K.A. Compton, home of the legends
It's a cold place to be at baby
Uh Uh When I'm in Guerilla City
And I got my killas with me In khakis and chucks
Gats untucked
Dont fuck around and get your ass sprayed up When you walk through my city you can tell it's a cold vibe
Look at the eyes of the young niggas and old guys
You can see the hurt the old cats on the inside
The young niggas stay smokin sherm
And ain't no promise I'll see tomorrow
It's just me my? khakis and my beat up Monte Carlo
With? on the bulletholes
Bandana on the steering wheel dashboard with photos of my old hoes
Smokin' Newports up Compton Boulevard
I'm gettin older and the younger niggas stompin hard
I got a problem mama sayin' get a job
My girl bitchin and they killed my little nigga Rob
I got a link on some blocks with my niggas up in Watts
And they told me that they fresh out the box
Shit fuck a EdD i got work nigga
It's called crack cocaine it hit ya turf nigga
The hood uniform done changed
Now they in throwbacks and Akademics and they still gangbang
And the Crips wear more red than the Bloods do Neither the enemy or the hood loves you
And the smokers still pulling on pipe dreams
Them youngins' crush dro? light green
The night seems like it never will end
My nigga blew the whole rack got?
Look in my eyes it ain't all palm trees and dody smoke
Bunch of hood minded muthafuckas holdin' heat for sho'
Jump in they? patrol the hood block for block now
Let the pigeons out the coop when the Johnnies hound
Dice games and slapboxing is a hood sport
Chili cheese fries, deuce deuce, and a newport
I thank God for being here nigga just to talk
I got a warrant up in Torrance I dont give a fuck I ain't payin' shit
Send me to the county to the dorm where i can play it sick
Watching big screens, taking showers, on the phone
Sharpen up my toothbrush just in case homes
And them other eses start tripping
Swing with my right nigga keep the left one sticking
Until they tear gas and pepper spray this bitch down
I got three days left until i'm back out
And when i touch down back in the CPT
I got the pack of cigs I ain't smoke in bout 2 weeks
Niggas blowin' up my cellphone to know the whole scoop
Niggas break down your story better than you do That's the hood for you niggas know the info
I'm back in the Monte Carlo with a nympho
And she got the hoes buy the booty for my pleasures man
Muthafuckas don't wanna get caught on this side of town nigga
It's real crazy over here muthafucka
We got some of everything crackin over here we got prostitution
Muthafuckas got ARs, Muthafuckas got little mini-MACs
We got all that shit and I got the thirstiest muthafuckas in the world
You can be a grown man get your ass whooped by an 11- year old nigga
I'm telling you nigga these niggas is 'bout it bout it Haha
It's real muthafucka you bring your ass on this side nigga I'm tellin you nigga
We put fear in muthafuckas hearts for years nigga
Niggas know how we riding as soon as we hit the county
Watts up You know C-O-M-P-T-O-N
C-O-M-P-T-O-N nigga