Перевод песни Mark Slaughter – Mad About You

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Don’t you know, know, know
What you’re doin’to me Only you drive me wild
You’re my ecstasy
Can’t you tell
By the look in my eyes
That I love you
I’ve gotta show ya What I feel in my heart
Cause I knew it Right from the start
That I’m mad about you
I go crazy with
All of the things that you do
I’m mad about you
I’m so angry inside
And it’s all over you
I’m mad about you
Don’t ya go, go, go Too f-far away
I need you close by my side
Always here to stay
It’s been a long time baby
Ooh I keep this brewin’inside
I can’t take anymore
Oh girl I’m made about you
I’m mad about you
Can’t you tell
When I look in your eyes
I’m mad about you