Перевод песни Chuck Berry – Anthony Boy

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Eight o'clock in the morning
And I'm moving on out to school
With an open book and a sleepy look
The teacher can't be fooled
I catch a pass in an early class
The teacher will never know
That I postponed my work at home
Watching the evening show
Hey, there Anthony boy
Why you in such a rush?
The girl she wanna talk to you
Look at him he's a blush
Three o'clock in the afternoon
Completes a day of school
Before the ding can cease the ring
He's in the vestibule
Betty and Barbara and Jeanie and Jane
Are yackity-yacking with Joan
About some things that Anthony
Told her over the telephone
Betty told me the secret
That I had told her not to tell
Now that you know she knows I know
You know that all is well
Come, come Tony me boy
Now don't let 'em get in your hair
With a good education you may
Become a multi-millionaire