Перевод песни Craig Pruess – Arrogance, Pride and Vanity

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Arrogance, Pride and Vanity
The girl has some audacity
What does she know?
How is she so sure
Just who is she to judge me Arrogance, pride and vanity
Throw them up you get the see
where has he been and what has he seen?
to think he can judge my country
the smile from arise is a remedy
cnt find a flaw to it she might agree
rip me to shreds over joke she dint get
what a waste god had to make her so pretty
a fish out of water to say the very leafs
scared to walk on the street dirty his feet
tries to fit in its a game that he wont win
he can wear our clothes lets see him beat our eat
your point at you have laugh open me cnt turn down a dance gracefully
she has her own mind, can be a bit on kind
just try say anything about her to country
why is he here?
always staring at me never looking indeed to really see
he has made up his mind
we are poor and behind
and thinks we should behave accordingly
arrogance, pride and vanity
the girl has some audacity
but why do i care?
How does it matter to bear?!
its desire to show the real me Arrogance, pride and vanity
throw them up you'll have the see
bug why do i care?
have this madly to share
the centuries of magic that has made me