Перевод песни Blondie – Just Go Away

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O Don't ya know
Don't wanna see you any more
Put up or shut up You spell, you read
D O O R You got a big mouth and I'm happy to see
Your foot is firmly entrenched where a molar should be If you talk much louder you could get an award
From the federal communications board
Don't be cruel
Be a thing-sweet thing as a rule
Don't be sad
I left you in the street, you're pre-fab
I had to get away
Don't go away sad
Don't go pre-fab
Don't go be bad
Don't go away mad
Just go away (go away)
O Don't ya know
Don't wanna see you here no more
Pack it and move it You spell, you read O U T out
Don't be bad
A mad hatter's beret
Sometimes you look like you just mad an escape
Don't be mad
Or lose your medicaid cool
Of course cool rhymes with fool