Перевод песни Nat King Cole – Where Were You?

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You said you'd always love me,
Told me that you'd be true;
But when my money was spent
And I owed for the rent,
Where were you?
I used to feed you lamb chops,
Lived up on Park Avenue;
But when we ran out of cash
And we had to eat hash,
Where were you?
Whenever dark clouds gather
And nothing's goin' right,
That's when I find
You're never out of my mind;
You're always out of sight!
We had a rich friend to dinner,
He was good lookin' too!
But when he went back to town
And I looked all around,
Where were you?
Whenever I feel real lonesome,
I miss your tender lips!
I look all around,
But where you ought to be found,
I find a total eclipse!
We walked up the aisle to the alter,
But somehow you missed your cue;
'Cause when the preacher said, «Pal,
Do you take this gal?»,
Where were you?
In Indiana?
Or Alabama?
Or maybe China?
Baby, where were you?