Перевод песни Rodney Carrington – Funny Man

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He's got jokes & a million dollar style
A stage & a story he can make the crowd roar
Yea he sure knows how to make a man smile
He'll put on a wig, or he'll dance a jig
& everyone for miles
Come to sit & laugh when the funny man ... Smiles
A full house tonight. He's got em laughing out loud
He sings them a song 'bout his crazy mom
& thanks them for coming out
When he leaves the stage his mind drifts away
To his wife & his kids & good times
When he's all alone, the funny man ... Cries
«It ain't funny no more», says the funny man
«This life I'm longing for — is a house that's built on sinking sand
& where's the laughter, happy ever after? I just don't understand.»
There's nothin' sadder than. Tears of a funny man
A house in the hills, a 4-car parking garage
His face on the tv. Lord it hasn't been easy, but he's finally at the top
But his family who loves him, they stayed in Tulsa
They visit every once in a while
Lately that's the only time, that the funny man ... Smiles
On Tuesday morning he wakes up, locks his house up tight
Aims his pickup toward that Oklahoma line.
He says, «It ain't funny no more, I'm headed home
This life I'm longing for, The soccer games & fishin' poles
& I've been missin' my little boys kisses. I finally understand.»
Through the tears that he still cries
The funny man ... smiles
And the funny man drives