Перевод песни Lambchop – Action Figure

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I heard a rumor that I’m sad
Or at least that I feel bad
Whoever said that doesn’t know
I’m pretty sure that I don’t know
And if a case was made for this
Could it be something that we missed
Let’s let the cat out of the bag
Let’s let the neighborhood go bad
It take some time but there you go
It takes a lot of guts to show
The silly side of who we are
As if we’d ever go that far
So we can put away the watch
And we can throw away the cane
And we can walk through god’s own will
Because he’s crying crying still today
What are the odds that you are right
What will we have to eat tonight
What if I told you it’s ok
To be my action figure
I’ve swatted bugs all afternoon
I’ve swallowed beer like a cartoon
And if old Waylon hung the moon
Will we be singing with him soon
And I will learn to look away
When there are thing I cannot bear
Perhaps you’ll sing a different tune
Perhaps well learn to tell the difference
There are people that I know
Who live content within their limits
And we are lucky to be so
Completely interactive