Перевод песни Sunrise Avenue – The Whole Story

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It's been hard to come to you lately
It's been easier to stay away
And I can't feel the heat
Not the one that we would need
There is something wrong
There's a wall in between
We can't fall now
We cannot leave all we have
I know it hurts and feels bad
We should stay
And just fight back
We had it once all the way
The whole story
And it will hurt
But I'd be glad to take the pain
I've been trying to touch
You the sweet way
You've tried kissing me
Like the early days
But it's all very cold and
It tares me apart
Yea it's too damn cold but
We just can't stop now
We can't fall now...
Pain is a side of love we
Choose to live with you know
After the rainy day the
Sun will shine so
We can't fall now...