Перевод песни Audience – Buy Me An Island

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Why do folks abuse me when I don’t even know 'em?
Others shout for the money that I know I don’t even owe 'em
It’s these and many other things that causes me to cry
You ain’t heard the half of it and neither have I
Why do old ladies hit me when I help 'em cross the street
Even my old dog bit me when I offered him things to eat
Getting' sick and tired of life, just can’t stand the pace
Everything I do just bounces back in my face
I’m gonna buy me an island in the sun
Stay there 'til my days are done
Life’s gonna be coconut trees and swimmin' in the sea for me
No-one's gonna take that from me
Every time I wash my car it starts to pour with rain
Wash it for a second time, ski’es open up all over again
I’d like to put it up for sale and go to work by 'bus
But no-one wants to buy it 'cos the engine’s bust