Перевод песни Disco Ensemble – Human Cannonball

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Spitting teeth you know you’ve won
Just another punch and you’ll be detonated
You never learned to back up and run
Just another push and you’ll be dislocated
Mastering the art of self-deceit
Planting the apple seeds
For you we own this song
The saddest of them all
My own Human Cannonball
For you we own this song
Cause we know where you fall
My own Human Cannonball
Blessed are the silent and the meek
Another sound and they will knock you over
Don’t ever show that you are weak
Just another round so they don’t know you’re broken
With the rope around your neck
You’re dancing trough the air
With the ropes around your feet
As proud as you could ever be