Перевод песни Shawnna – Hit The Back/Slide In

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Verse: na I’m a certified block boss. They wanna know how much the chain and
the watch cost. Wanna throw a couple thangs pull them knots out.
and i’ma show you why the name bring the cops out. I see these bitches in the
game, they ain’t talkin bout nada. Not a muthafuckin thing comin out the mouth.
I’ma put you in the frame and i’ma lock it out
They ask me shawnna why you love ya caddy so much
I gently ask 'em shawty look, but kindly dont touch
See I hate them hand prints on my candy paint
Smokin killa candy bits and now my candy stank
Watch it how my candy shake
Bumpin up the avenue
Them hatas see you
Worth a shit they gone be mad at you
Just shake it off like you tha bitch and give em attitude
And if a nigga wanna trip thats when you act a fool
Now lean back and tell em
I’m slidin in the back
And gettin breezy baby
Young cash money s
Sorta like weezy baby
Y-u-n-g-d-o double s
Big shawn young bird we the fuckin best
Plus im swing thru chopp?) in a blck coupe
I hustle period
Go and ask that too
Im in miami makin moves like shaq do
Prove side (della o’s?)
Posted up wit hella hoes
Came up in inglewood off eleven o’s
Niggas wanna know what your boy get it fo?
Eighteen shittin on bow and romeo
Stop frontin yo
(something incoherent)
Streets dont do this shit quite like bird
I got a brand new impala wet paint and its sittin on 23rd
Ride down on the hummer slide out like lil mama whats the word
Gettin in wit her friend
3-d (point a?)creep and all she heard
Was do it breezy baby!