Перевод песни The Wailers – Trench Town Rock

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Oh, oh, I’m groovin', and the world knows by now,
now, now, now, now, now, now, now, y’all
Oh now, I said, you feel no pain now
One good thing about music, when it hits you (you feel no …) feel no pain
Hit me with music now, oh now, hit me with music now
Hit me with music, harder, brutalize me (… music)
This is (Trenchtown rock), I say, don’t watch that
(Trenchtown rock), if you a big fish or sprat
(Trenchtown rock) You reap what you sow
(Trenchtown rock), and everyone know now
(Trenchtown rock) Don’t turn your back
(Trenchtown rock), I say, give the slum a try
(Trenchtown rock) Never let the children cry
(Trenchtown rock), or you got to tell Jah, Jah why
(Groovin') It’s Kingston 12
(groovin'), it’s Kingston 12
(Groovin') I said, it’s Kingston 12 now
(groovin'), oh, oh, oh, it’s Kingston 12
(No want you fe galang so) Didn’t I told you that
(no want you fe galang so) we should leave with love?
(You want come cold I up …) I’m not gonna do that, man,
nothin'(… come cold I …), and look deh now
(Groovin') And then it’s Kingston
12, uh
(Good God …) Good God, looky here now, uh Hit me with music …