Перевод песни Pato Banton – Situation Crazy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In this time the leaders of the world fight each other
With sanctions and nuclear weapons
There are mountains made of butter and grain
And yet people are starving
Man has drained all resources from this God’s living planet
And now he wants to live on the moon
Situation crazy…
Don’t turn your back on the problems
Come together we can surely solve them
If we all unite then we can face the fight
There’s a black a white and a yellow man
And in this planet there’s more than enough land
If we all unite then we can face the fight
In this crazy crazy world surely one day we will learn
So don’t be afraid when the right time comes
We’ve got to face the fight
Situation crazy crazy crazy
Oh Lord have mercy mercy mercy
To every human being this is a special dedication
From the conscious loving M. C. by the name of Pato Banton. Gwarn!
From the school of life me get my education
I put it into words and then I chat in on a version
I would chat it raggamuffin if I was a Jamaican
Heng peng teng fung if I was from Hong Kong
But due to history and lot of sufferation
And the scattering of the african nation
Slavery, liberation, independence and migration
I chat it like this cause I ended up in England
Anyway let me get back to this little conversation
And tell you about this crazy crazy crazy… situation
You must remember God’s little children
Come tomorrow they will ask the questions
If we all unite then we can face the fight
Throw away prejudice and segregation
And live together as a multi-colored nation
If we all unite then we can face the fight