Перевод песни Pato Banton – Only Love

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Mankind is an endangered species heading for extinction
If man is to avoid this self-destruction and doom
He has no alternative but to learn to love
Only love can keep us together
Only love can keep us going on
I have seen many wonders in my time
I thank God for the gift of life
Many mountains does man have to climb
In search for himself to find
And after all is said and done
It’s only love that keeps us going on
There’s some things I see I just can’t understand
Why can’t people live as one
Don’t they realize the beauty we could have:
No more wars, no pollution, no more segregation
The future is in our hands
So come on and love!
Imagine what a beautiful world this could be
With a little more love we all could agree
Wipe the tears from the hungry child’s eyes
More, more, more, more love!