Перевод песни Truly – Hurricane Dance

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Black drone wasps swarm around
your porch at night
you’re inside
bathing in the television light
they want you to come outside
they want to bite, they want you to fight
the drones have needs
not just to feed the Queen
they wanna fly in formation
cut loose and fuck around the airstream
except for Jilling your Jane
everything around you smacks of a media stain
in a world revisited
let the night time drag you around
drag you around drag you around
let the night time hook you up
the night time drag you around
rolling in your eyes, black pools and infinite skies
the snakes are seething underneath with jealous poison,
I become entranced, it’s not my fault
It’s rushing through my body
and it’s gushing out my throat
Do you wanna play? or get blown away?
Do you wanna fuck around with the elements of chance?
Do you wanna spin around in a hurricane dance?
Cable lines that shoot sparks across my wall
when the bus goes by
I’m inside, it’s five a.m. and I’m the electric wire.
I remember thinking «in a world revisited in a world revisited»
Johnny take a pill you’re gonna get us killed
Johnny take a pill you’re gonna get us killed
I become entranced
It’s not my fault
It’s still pushing through my body
even with your hands around my throat
think I’ve gone astray?
that I’d fade away?
shallow shit your mother’s son, your daddy holds your hand,
you wanna spin around in a hurricane dance
Elevate me to your plane (4X)
Army men and poison darts in their hearts and hands
(Got the feeling)
makes me wanna spin around in a hurricane dance
(angelhead burning)
Elevate me to you plane (4X)