Перевод песни Mutha's Day Out – Breakfast First Please

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Partying one night
Got way out of hand
Drifting home that morning
Hoping Mom would understand
I fell through the door
With the slightest of care
When my eyes began to focus
Mom was standing right there
Where've you been young man
Don't you know it's pretty late
Mom it's six in the morning
So I made a mistake
The car has a flat
No Gary lost my keys
I tried to call early but...
Breakfast first please
I just got out of bed
It's hard to get started
With you drilling in my head
I saw her smile
Then she drug me off my knees
I'll beg her for forgiveness
But breakfast first please
Questions oh the questions
How they ring so loud
Mom keeps preaching
How I'm with the wrong crowd
She states her mind
She states it pretty well
For the next 3 weeks
I'll be walking through hell
She's got a list of chores
And the list is so long
I can see no friends
And there's no telephone
She needs to chill out
It's not as bad as it seems
One more cry and I'll
The dog won't leave me alone
Get away get away get away
Now I'm all stuck at home
She didn't see it my way
The dog won't leave me alone
Get away get away get away