Перевод песни Teairra Marí – No Daddy

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I didn’t have no daddy around
When I was growing up (huh)
That’s why I’m wild
And I don’t give a (huh)
Ya’ll think 'cause these jeans fit
I would give it up
Don’t let my cute face fool ya
Been through so much in my life
Seen things in my life
That I never thought I’d make it through
Had a few close calls in my life
That could have ended my life
But I’m here looking at you
Never thought that I’d be here
I’m the type that don’t give a damn about rules
I was forced to survive on the streets
Make my own way to eat
Gotta do what I gotta do
(Best believe)
I know plenty of girls like me
That done been through hell just like me
Keep what your mama teach ya
Don’t let cheat or the street defeat ya
And all my kickass girls like me
That ain’t ever afraid to speak
Next time that they try to treat ya
Like you a freak just so he can look good
Tell them
I don’t strip in the club
Nor trick in the club
But I got friends that do
So my girls that’s getting the dough
The best way they know
Don’t hate, girl
I got you
Even though it ain’t me
(I understand)
That it’s real in these streets
(I understand)
When it comes to that rent
That whip
That check
Ain’t nobody gonna protect your neck like you
All my girls from a broken home
When you’re feeling all alone
And you feel you can’t go on
(Call me)