Перевод песни Loney Dear – Airport Surroundings

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Last night I took my bike to the airport surroundings
I got caught by the lights
They were trembling blue
And my skin was cool
And my heart sang
And when I said to myself that I will never go down
When I got lost the last time
I wasn’t feeling at all
I wasn’t feeling at all
I wasn’t doing no good
I had a hole in my heart
I had no blood in my head
Yes I was going so low that I was gonna give up
And you
You were all I wanted
You were all I wanted
I took the fastest way down when I surrendered this time
I wasn’t feeling no good
I took the easy way outI gave up myself
The last pain got away when
I bought a ticket to hell when I met up with you
I wasn’t doing no good
I had work to be done
And the money I earned wouldn’t end up too soon
So I had the time to do wrong
I had the time to go on
I’ve got a hole in my head
And a hole in my heart
And you
You were all I wanted
You were all I wanted