Перевод песни Fusion Orchestra – Sonata In Z

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Blow, you South winds,
A gentle breeze night through my hair,
Spread your vast wings,
And break the calm that's in the air.
Not a movement, in the trees,
This empty quietness is making me,
Conjure pictures, in my brain,
This misty trail is driving me insane.
The sun is falling and the night is near,
For two hours I've been sitting here,
Chewed some corn to pass the time.
Watched the birds going home to sleep,
They kept telling me that I must keep,
Riding on to get back home.
My home town seems so far away,
I'll reach the canyon in about a day,
If the rain keeps from the sky.
So South winds don't blow sand in my eyes,
Shed some water 'cause my horse is dry,
That's all I'll need to get back home.
So I'll ride on into the night,
Got to keep going, till I see the bright lights,
Of the canyon glowing, ride on...
I will ride on, to the nearest hill,
I will ride on, to the nearest town,
Because I'm feeling happy, feeling good,
Something tells me something should,
Happen tonight... tonight.