Перевод песни Scott Stapp – Hard Way

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So let me tell a story, friend
Of diamond hands and one night stands
I guess the good life paid you once or twice
Just when I thought I had it all
Caught a sucker punch and lost it all
Just never thought it would have come from you
So here I stand alone again
With one eye open — I'm a broken man
Life flashed before my eyes, but I'm alive
I found out the hard way
And your day's coming soon
I found out the hard way
I pray you'll make it through
So what am I supposed to do When all I've got, is God and you?
I guess I'll trust the one I can't see
As I sit here on this park bench
Knowing what you are thinking
I wonder how you close your eyes to sleep
So here I stand alone again
Talking to my faceless friend
At least when we've got words, theyre eye to eye
I'm just a simple man -(Make it through) — (x3)
-(I'm just a simple man) — Make it through (x3)
...The hard way, (x2)