Перевод песни B.B. King – There Must Be A Better World Somewhere

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Sometimes I wonder
Just what am I fighting for?
I win some battles
But I always lose the war
I keep right on stumblin'
In this no-man's land out here
But I know
Mmmmm yes, I know
There must be a better world somewhere
Flying high
Some joker clips my wings
Just because he gets a kick
Out of doing those kind of things
I keep on fallin' in space
Or just hangin' in mid-air
But I know
Ohh yes, I know
There has just got to be a better world somewhere
Every woman I want
Only wants herself
Everybody I love
Seems to love somebody else
And every woman
Got a license to break my heart
And every love, oh it’s over
Over before it gets a chance to start
If it ain’t dead
Maybe in the here after
Instead of tears
I’ll learn all about laughter
But meanwhile I’m stuck out here
It just ain’t fair, but I know
I said I know
Oh yes, I know
There must be a better world somewhere
There’s just gotta be Gotta be a better world somewhere