Перевод песни Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – 88 Seconds In Greensboro

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88 seconds
Is all it takes
88 seconds
Don't make mistakes
We've seen you
We can see you
In red and blue
In black and white
Under crystal skies
In full daylight
You know it God you know it 88seconds
Is all it takes
In 88 seconds
We don't make mistakes
We know you
Oh yes we have known you
Times are changing
But not in our street
Once we played there
Like the good times
You know it God you know it They're heading for
A shallow grave
With a big black cross
By a tall white house
To a place down south
We won't forget
To be stabbed in the back
By a man they met
In 88 seconds
In greensboro
88 seconds
In greensboro
In greensboro
Is all we take