Перевод песни The Yardbirds – Little Soldier Boy

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Little wooden soldier boy
How he's bored to be a toy
Sitting on the mantelpiece
Was not his idea of peace
So one night at half past one
He ordered all the toys to come
He told them all a good game to play
Next day
The teddy bears and wind-up toys
Together made a lot of noise
The other side formed into ranks
Proud 'cause they had plastic tanks
High up on the shelf to see
The soldier had to jump with glee
At last before his eyes he saw
A real war
With a battle raging on the floor
The soldier boy was urging more
Soon the floor was strewn with bits
Fur and stuff and building kits
The soldier boy was feeling high
As smoke clouds rolled across the sky
He gave a last triumphant cry
And fell into the fire