Перевод песни Colin James – Why'd You Lie?

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The very first rule
That you learned in school
Was that you shouldn't try to fool
The people you're close to And now you're finally full grown
I really should've known
If I left you on your own
You wouldn't do like you're supposed to Why'd you lie?
Don't want to hear no alibis
Don't want to know the reasons why
You left me here to cry
While you were out there loving him
And now you're acting real nice
You're all sugar and spice
You've already thrown the dice
Your chances are real slim
Why'd you lie?
Why'd you lie?
You'd better make a correction
To all this deception
And start treating me right
'Cuz we had discussed it
'Til I was disgusted
There's one thing that I have to say
All about sleeping in another man's bed
Why'd you lie?
Why'd you lie?