Перевод песни Paul Alan – To Bring You Back

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She pulls her favorite sweatshirt
Over a head full of dreams
22 years of living in an army bag
On a stranger's front seat
She's going to Sioux Falls
She's going to Boston
She's going anywhere but where she's been
Not a nickel to her name
Not an iron in the flame
Faith is just a flicker
But it's burning just the same
She's gotta catch a train and the one thing that she knows-
She's never coming back again
She's gotta run away- the past is a war she's never gonna win
And she smiles as she waves
'cause someone painted «Jesus saves» off highway 109 on an old street sign
She's a believer now... She's leaving lonely behind
Where are you going, princess
Said the man with a smile
She couldn't remember someone asking
In a long while
She's never been good enough or anywhere near
She's afraid of failure
She's afraid of fear
And he could see it on her face
As he told her about grace
Those may have been the sweetest words
That she would ever hear
And she is determined as a tear hits the floor
No one's going to treat her like a failure anymore
'cause where is the freedom in this?
Where is the mercy in this? where's the love and respect?
Unspeakable bliss, Where's forgive and forget?
Where is the freedom in this?
Yeah this is one place she's never going to miss...