Перевод песни Avalon – Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

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Don’t get so busy that you miss /
Giving just a little kiss /
To the ones you love /
Don’t even wait a little while /
To give them just a little smile /
A little is enough/
See how many people are crying /
Some people are dying /
How many people are asking for love
Find a way /
To give a little love every day /
Don’t save it all for Christmas day /
Find a way /
'Cause holidays have come and gone /
But love lives on /
If you give on / Love
A hug is warmer when you’re in it /
Oh, baby that’s a fact /
And saying I love you’s always better /
Seasons, reasons they don’t matter /
So don’t hold back /
See how many people in this world /
So needful in this
World /
How many people are praying for love
Everywhere that they go /
Their whole life long /
Let them know love /