Перевод песни Marlena Shaw – Go Away Little Boy

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Go Away Little Boy La la la la la la la la da da da di da
How can I express to you the joy I felt,
when I realized that I had found the perfect man for me?
A man who could, make me feel
all the things I felt a woman should feel.
I said darling, I want to be the perfect woman for you,
Got myself a three year subscription to essence magazine;
Read it from cover to cover; you know I wanted to be perfect for him.
Said black is beautiful just keep getting up together we can make it.
it’s gonna be alright.
Forget about what society says, is, or isn’t,
or what can or cannot be, keep gettin up.
He quit his job, came home one day with fourteen mirrors.
Some afro sheen, some afro clean,
some afro fluid, some afro do it to it,
come on and sit it up in the room and look at the black beautiful.
Check out the boy, mothers love, mothers love.
I said, well my darling, I hate to get in your business,
you know what I mean, but, I mean, what about a job,
I mean what about the gas, and the electricity,
And, and, and, not that I am equating,
a job with your man hood, you understand
But, I mean, you did have a choice in this.
He said I got to get myself together;
I’m tired of working for somebody else,
I maybe take out a small business mans loan and open up a head shop.
I said but that’s not bringing no money in,
he said you working ain’t you? Get off my back!
I don’t know, see I wasn’t raised like that ya’ll,
I figure if I got to get up and go to work everyday then,
Every able body in the household supposed to get up and go,
at least looking. I know it ain’t easy out there, but,
I said if for some reason you feel that you
can no longer be the man that I thought you were
at the beginning of our relationship,
I got this one thing to lay on you my sweet!
Go Away Little Boy,
Why don’t you just go away little boy,
You see, I am not supposed to sit up here alone in the dark
With some mirrors on my
I know, I understand and recognize the fact that your lips are,
ooh so sweet, ow!
It don’t look like our lips shine,
ain’t gone never have another chance to be,
I think I can find myself another man.
And I know what to do if I got somebody who can be true.
So why don’t you
run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, away little boy,
Let the door knob hit you
where the dog should of bit you little boy.
Cause your hurting me more, every minute that you delay.
Hey! Cause when your near me like this, woe baby,
you’re getting kind of hard for me to understand so my man,
Just go on away, just go on away,
just go on away little boy,
Before, I do something rash.
Oh, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, little boy.
Find yourself another set of apron strings little boy.
Cause your hurting me more every minute that you delay.
When you’re near me, when your near me, when your near me,
when your near me, when your near me, when your near me,
when you walk close uptight like this,
you’re getting just a little bit too hard for me to resist;
So why don’t you go on away little boy before I, before I&
Why don’t you just leave me alone,
you know what I mean?
Go ahead, take your things with you.
Your albums, your playboy magazines,
just go on and get out my life!
Now don’t stand so close
when you’re trying to get that last goodbye kiss,
I know your moves now. don’t do me like this!
don’t, don’t kiss my eyelids like that, and,
Please don’t suck my ear lobes like that and,
don’t no baby, don’t, don’t!
Well look, you think you can get a job by Thursday? You promise?
Now you ain’t gone fool me this time?
Then you might as well stay, stay, might as well stay!
don’t go away!
You can be my man one more time but this time I’m gone try harder too!
This time I’m gonna be sweeter!