Перевод песни Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – This Town

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Couldn't bear to focus, on the bottle laid before me,
every moment wasted, was essential to our story,
yet every single day,
yoúre gonna make me feel that way,
round This Town.
I know, and heaven's up above us,
the stones below our feet,
our situation,
it's like its indiscreet.
Whós goin to say whose goin down,
every little dream,
is saturated... This Town.
Couldn't you believe me,
for once you could believe me.
But every small emotion,
that you treasured so completely.
Wére a failing combination,
like no other two I know.
Every little moment,
and every little teardrop,
and every single precious,
feeling we saved.
Wére goin down in destination,
but it's obvious yoúre goin down,
again with me.
I know, this time... is the end.