Перевод песни Peter Tosh – No Mercy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
— - - no, they no have no mercy no jah — they carry water, can’t you see lord
-they carry water
-they carry water
-no, they have no mercy
Them … and out you in jail
-and put us in jail
O, babylon, babylon, no have no mercy
-them shoot you if them don’t like you
And nothing comes out of it
O, them no have no mervy
The rich man has all the talk
But he poor has none the rich man, but the poor man
O, them no have no mercy
I said we can’t stand no police brutality
We can’t stand police brutality
We just can’t stand police brutality
0, them have got no mercy
So take a look babylon
Look what the wicked them
Look what wicked them