Перевод песни Joy Electric – (design) The Blueprints For Joy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Draw, print a plane, a singular mark of ideals
Numbers to be explained by a course history
Hindrance to give a thought, lest perceived relative
Studies result in revolt, but who holds...
The blueprints for joy
Blueprints for joy
Sums to be swayed by rule pending percentages
Complete the model scientists' appropriate age
What are the methods used to begin measurements?
Somehow I've lost a foothold, but who draws...
The blueprints for joy
Blueprints for joy
Yardsticks to yield the basis for thoughtless ideals
Outline the words in red ink, or parentheses
Having a lot depends upon humility
The buttons of valor blink while in past tense