Перевод песни Joy Electric – Misfortune's Apprentice

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Oh, Misfortune, everything I know isn't much, I know for certain
Oh, Misfortune, everything I've done isn't much for so much worrying
Oh, Misfortune, in another world I would be a different person
Oh, Misfortune, given happenstance I would not make your acquaintance
Oh, Misfortune
Oh, Misfortune
Oh, Misfortune, every circumstance leads to all of my misgivings
Oh, Misfortune, from a backward glance I should be the one forgiving
Oh, Misfortune, from what I've derived, makes it clear I'm undeserving
Oh, Misfortune, do explain this much, what will make this life rewarding?
Oh, Misfortune
Oh, Misfortune