Перевод песни N.W.A – Arrested (Insert)

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Ain't that a bitch? — you fat motherfucker
Let me call my home boy to get us out
7−3-2−9-6−3 Goddamn, nigga at home
(*Landline phone beep*) (*Phone picked up*)
Aiy, what's up, man?
What's up, homie?
Aww man, these motherfuckers got us down in this goddman jail, man
Hell yeah, we were like, rolling and shit, man
We was looking for some bitches
So they pulled up on like four fine whores, man
And you know, I didn't know the motherfucking bitches were prostitutes, man
And they just caught me, ain't that a bitch?
Nigga, where was y'all at?
We was in Hollywood, we're in Hollywood, man
Looking out for some bitches, bitches was bad than a motherfucker
Man, don't tell my woman that, man
Cause I wanna know what the fuck is going on, you know, I'm fucked up, man
For me, I ain't supposed to be riding with my bitches
You know, pussies that I had.
Yeah word, whose you with, man?
I'm here with Yella, Ren, Dre, you know, man.
Aww man, all them niggas with you?
Yeah. nig.
Aww man, no thing?
Niggas are trying to get that thing, man, you know what I'm saying?
And fuck it, I'ma just let you talk to Ren, man
He can tell you a little better than I can and shit
Hold on!