Перевод песни Choclair – Skunk

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Floatin like. a mile high
Yeah, smoking trees
Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk
See, while you niggas flop ya gums
I hop on the the Doogotty, pull back on the throttle catwalk down Younge
Think I, crash and burn?
Looked on the ground, skid marks way out in a juked up swerve
It’s rock, 360 wheel back, 180 lift dust that I dever reach you can’t get
Tell you worldwide, it’s T dot city
Don’t bling like he but the thick hang heavy
Lambed out in the all black Chevy
Sleek and stack — you can’t see that
Phantom menace, a feather in your presence
And deprive your high rise, baby girl, and ya get it
Niggas try to bomb our Trade Center
You motherfucking bitch-ass niggas
Calculate, calculative, intervention
With a pistol in position to start thumping all
All the homies on the streets start pumping all
Fill up the streets with sherm and heat
Make 'em wiggle like worms, lift niggas out of they seat
Shift 'em chest to feet, Canada, West to East
Calicos might spread lead start ricocheting head to head
I’m Kurupt Young Gotti bitch, heard what I said?
Yeah bitch, eat a dick instead
Get ya Pesos, take fallacio then slide
(Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk)
That’s right
Get ya Pesos, take fallacio then slide
(Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk)
That’s right
Elevate yo, peeps to know with this chi'
(Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk)
That’s right
Bouncin, movin, rockin, shakin (That's right)
It’s just 'Nock, and K-U-R-U-P-T and…
On this lyrical high, and moving to the music
(When you be under the skunk)
Choclair got ya high, and Young Gotti, and…
Don’t bounce unless you can put it together
(And moving to the music, under the skunk)
See, redline and clutch push to the floor
Pistons doin like they grill you no more
Ladies on the back of the floor
Thinkin I’m gon kick it to 6, switch lanes drop it down into 4
Meaning, all y’all comin of the balls
T dot comin suave for y’all
Kurupt spark the blunt for y’all
While all y’all balls be sleepin when the radio be playing your song
See, can’t help with that Suave Dawg
I, I be when they wanna follow this stally
I switched they whole game so the whole time they be following the same damn
Confused? People tried to flop on me
Thirty days Gold, «Ice Cold» (What?)
Yo, y’all know who’s, reppin T dot
When you see Choclair say «What up, Chizznock?»
Get up fast, touch your ass
To hit some ass, so quick and so fast
Ridin slow, rock and move
Two shot’s of Hennesey, that’s the remedy
Movin, smashin, smashin streets, streets
Nigga bouncin, movin, rockin, shakin
Hun, niggas tried to rob my nigga
Two semi’s change is mine, my nigga
Concentrate, 38 intervision
With pistols in position take flight like fishing
Murder red ripples, then all cripple
Fuck around and leave niggas cripple
Chip a nigga motherfucking shoe with the full wind nickel
Chrome nickel soar, like mockingbirds
Mocking my words, might chip niggas like Titanic chip Icebergs
Coming through on perv, dip, swerve
Niggas got the nerve, niggas try and serve
Swing like pendulums, perfect aim
Separate, poetical purple rain
Detonate, you niggas little as Eddie Kain
Nigga, I me on Paul be on Hussein, motherfucker