Перевод песни Michael Johnson – You Can Call Me Blue

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Well I'm not a foolish man but I'm half out of my head
Sitting here remembering the foolish things I said
Here nobody knows me, nobody asks my name
But it doesn't really matter 'cause it feels about the same
You can call me blue, you can call me untrue
You can call me wrong even if the love is gone
You can call me friend till the very end
Anytime you got an extra dime, call me sometime
Well I really let you down and I watched you rise above
Now I'm trying to get used to not believing in your love
I'm sitting here remembering, trying to drink away my tears
But the dreams won't die easy, I'll be dreaming them for years
Could've called me fool, you should've called me mad
But you didn't have to call if off, you made me feel so bad