Перевод песни Rodney Carrington – Tips On Marriage

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I’ve been married nine years.
Thats one story. my wife has been through everything.
I’ve learned some shit bout marriage.
Never start a sentence with the words your fuckin mother.
If you get to «er"you take off runnin you wont see
The poody poo for quite some time after that either.
I also learned this. if your wife says to you we need
To talk. horse shit start a fire in the house.
Its easier to deal with. because when your wife says
To you we need to talk it does not mean we need to
Talk. it means you need to sit and listen why I tell
You all the ways you’ve been fuckin up.
Thats what that means. you aint never gonna hear a
Man say we need to talk unless we caught a desiese
While we was fishin. that can happen.
It happened to me. see what I know bout every woman
Is this. every woman in the world thinks that she is
A princess. and its not their fault because they have
Been told that since th