Перевод песни Beverley Knight – Hurricane Jane

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Chorus: Call me hurricane Jane
Dry season's over
Here comes the rain
Sweeping over your plain
Blazing as I go
Call me hurricane Jane
This kind of weather's hard to contain
Nothing's ever the same
When I start to blow
Far from home
Lonely time
Thinking about
You and I
Pictures form in my mind
All of them remain
Here I go like before
Signs that I can't ignore
Close my eyes
Cue the storm
Ready for the change...
Call me
Rushing in like a flood
Barren Land
Turns to mud
Every thought heats the blood
Temperature will rise
Ready to pump and it's all good
I love me better than anyone could
You insipre like you should and I cannot deny
Said I rage like a fire
And I flow like the water
Ain't no surprise I was born under aries sign
This is my body
So I do what I choose
Nothing to hide when I'm alone
Cause there ain't no rules