Перевод песни Beverley Knight – Ambition (It All Comes 2 U)

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In my life I have but one obsession
It consumes my thought both night and day
It shows in everything Ive done
The will to be a number one
Thats just how I pray
Ive gotta run.
Faster than the lead
Just cant stop, cant go slow
Ive gotta drive beyond full speed
Just cant stop still I know
No matter what you desire, how much you pursue
Well, it all comes to you
Mama says I gotta learn a lesson
From those who crash and burn and fade away
She tells me theres a higher hand
Presiding on a master plan
So whats in store who can say?
So I try to run
Possibility are infinite
Im not the kind to wait
Maybe all the things you really need
To choose
What my mama said
But Ive gotta run...