Перевод песни The Supremes – The Sha-La Bandit

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Girls, beware of the bandit
From Westchester County
I can't offer you no reward
All he left me was a broken heart
He kidnapped me excitingly
Then he robbed me off my dignity
And when enough of his time was spent
He left me wanting more, sha, la, la, la He left me wanting more, sha, la, la Be careful, my sisters
He's armed with an innocent smile
And a dangerous love record
That can stretched for miles and miles
Hey girls, you ought to take a hint
'Cause he won't leave no fingerprints
And when he gets his hands on you
He'll have you wanting more, sha, la, la He'll have wanting more, sha, la, la For your female information
You might be in the same situation
He might be sitting right next to you
Westchester County is right there too
Hey girls, I got a confession to make
If they put that bandit in jail
I'm gonna jump right in his cell
There's something about his
Oh-oh-oh-ooh, yeah, there's something about his
Sha, la, la, la la-ah, the way he makes me groove
Oo-oo-ooh, ooh, there's something about his