Перевод песни Alma Cogan – (The Same Thing Happened) With The Bird's And The Bees

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Take a girl like me, take a boy like you
On a moonlit sail, on a sea of blue
It’s a night in June, there’s a moon above
Love is in the air, so they fall in love
And the same thing happened with the birds and bees
As they flit among the flowers, as they nestle in the trees
Yes the same thing happened with the birds and bees
And it’s happening to us tonight
What the big giraffes like do for laughs
And orangutans, only do in gangs
Why love starved whale starts to fan his tail
Where the female is, you will find the male
Now it’s the reason why, kangaroos jump high
Why the trout and perch, swim around and search
And this common urge makes a kitten purr
Where you see a him, you will see a her
Every bird, every bee,
Every he, every she,
Just like you, just like me,
Is falling_g … in love to_nigh_t.