Перевод песни Lloyd Banks – South Side Story

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I done learned from mistakes like who’s my man, and who’s not
Like who’s gone run, and who’s not
Like who’s gone shoot if you shot
Who gone hold they own, who’s not
Who gone change spots
In the streets of New York, you can’t trust nobody
Niggas’ll run up on you with a 12-guage shotty
Loyalty comes free, and smokin' weed is my hobby
You wanna rob me, you gotta leave here with a body
When I was ten years old, I seen a nigga take three in the head
Probably around the same time he used to pee in the bed
I stayed awake, cause my nightmares was seein' 'em dead
Smelled the burnt tires peelin' after leavin' him lead
The killer fled with a fuckin' laugh
My heart pumpin' on blast
I just stared at him, slumped in the grass
Arms movin', fingers shakin', spittin' up blood
DNA mixed in the mud, another ditch to be dug
There I stood, stiffer than wood
See homey used to buy me candy
Now he’s gone, who gone provide his family?
My ear ringing, shoulda been runnin'
I never thought I’d be that sick
Damn, I wasn’t 'posed to see that shit
That’s when I thought
It was more than three shots
He coulda been aimin' for me, maybe he circled around the block
I turned around at my pops, he like «what happened?»
This nigga rolled up and just started clappin'
I can still hear him laughin'
It was a regular day in South Side, sprinklers and kids runnin'
All of a sudden, heads turnin', somebody did somethin'
This nigga name I forgot, fuck it, he lived around the block
Regular gettin' money nigga, but loved to clown a lot
Walked across the park, stuntin', frontin'
Diamonds in his ear, diamond watch on
Eatin' a bag of popcorn
Walked up behind a shorty, grabbin' her waist
She pushed him away, so he threw the bag in her face
She felt disrespected, shorty couldn’t accept it
Called him a pussy, told him she’d be back in a second
But he ain’t pay her no mind
Called her a bitch about four times
Stayed in the park, wit' no niggas wit' em and no nine
And them in no time, older nigga from behind
Swung a baseball bat, left his face all crack
Told him «Take all that!»
Hit him again, popped his chain wit' a frown
And left the clown, with a stain on the ground
Now all my days go by blowin' that sticky, icky
California made me picky
Chicken head tried to stick me wit' a hickey
If we, blow up quickly, stickly, somewhere tipsy
The location don’t matter, I’m South Side until they hit me
I’ll be DEAD
If looks can kill, I’m from the ghetto boys
But I don’t know Scarface or Bushwick Bill
My heart spills
For the kids that ain’t got nothin' ain’t got it still
And for my, cousin I lost
Humped over the steerin' wheel