Перевод песни The Divine Comedy – Dumb It Down

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You’ve got a personality
We’ll throw you in the sea and watch you drown, dumb it down
Your concentration span’s too long
It’s longer than this song, that’s not allowed, dumb it down
You don’t need books to know what’s what
We’ll pile them up and burn them to the ground, dumb it down
And if you say that we’re corrupt
We’ll round you up and run you out of town, dumb it down
Down and down and down it goes, where it stops nobody knows
And not a lot of people seem to care
Well it’s so crazy, it’s so great, we can all communicate
But no one’s saying anything out there, is there anybody out there?
Intelligence is dangerous
A virus of the brain, you pass around, dumb it down
We’ll vaccinate each boy and girl
Lobotomize the world through sight and sound, dumb it down
No one can tell you what to think
And if you think that’s true, then you’re a clown, dumb it down
'Cause freedom’s wasted on the free
You just don’t see the beauty all around, dumb it down
Down and down and down we slide, it’s too tricky to decide
Between channels one and sixty-three
'Cause everything is mindless fluff, like this world’s not dumb enough
Does anybody feel the same as me? Is there anybody listening?