Перевод песни Herbert Grönemeyer – So Close To Falling

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Light breaks on the horizon
The ebbing on the flood
Finally out of the clutches
Pick myself up from mud
The scales fallen from my eyes now
Dark clouds pass away
No bitter taste left in my mouth
And i can breathe again
Can look myself in the mirror
While shaving you from my face
And i'll not be your victim
I've escaped
All of my senses gave me good warning
Every signal flashed alarm —
My mind slept under narcosis
For you seemed so soft and warm
Well-schooled to be irresistible
Your world's one of constant schemes
The mistress of deft seduction
Too devious for me You tempted me beyond reason
As with relish you played your game
To your rules — double cross, deceit and shame
You toyed with me in many ways
So close to falling
But by the skin of my teeth
At the very last moment
I've escaped you
From your spider's web i'm free
You sucked the air out slowly from my lungs
With each new set of your desperate lies
With kisses you wove your sorcery...
I believed you time after time
Filled my vains with a tempestuous madness
Loved me till i was dizzy and blind
Then froze me out with dispassion
You're poison of a deadly kind —
Deliberately you manoeuvred me As your prey, the net was cast
And for your killer instinct the coup de grace
But that will never come...
So close to...
All your tricks just don't work now
I've learned to stand up staight
I've seen right through your cover just in time —
I won't see you again